Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 -- week 5 of #projectlife -- the importance of trying new things

one of my goals for 2014 and for my 30th year on the planet is to try new things, to experiment, to go on adventures, and to learn more. some of the new things i want to try take time and money, but more often than not, it just means being open to take advantage of the opportunities at your fingertips. instead of staying home or saying "i'm busy" when you're not, go out. i know how easy it is to stay in your sweatpants and put on another episode of battlestar galactica, but wouldn't the story be so much more interesting if you said you went to a weird art exhibit, or saw a great concert by a local band, or went to a boozy paint by numbers class.

for us, this time, that meant going to the opera. i'd heard about la boheme coming to the tucson opera in december and thought it'd be a fun, new experience for rcg and i to share. since we didn't want to break the bank, and weren't sure if we'd even enjoy it, we bought the cheapest tickets available. but despite our good view and our best intentions, we both ended up asleep. we tried really really hard to stay awake, and there were definitely some funny parts, but the combination of the music and the singing was too much for us. we felt bad about it, but we couldn't help it.

ultimately, we're glad that we tried it. it was something new to do, together, and we learned something from the experience: we're not opera people. and that's ok. now, the hard part, i have to break it to my grandma!

but the lesson here is simple: you won't know you like something (or don't like it) until you try it. so try it, have new experiences, learn more about yourself, and enjoy all of the nifty things that come your way. because it's easier to say "i tried it and i hated it" than it is to be disappointed that you didn't give it a shot.

(another new experience i had this week: judging a spelling bee contest! it was so much fun!)

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