Wednesday, February 5, 2014

an introduction to #abrightproject!

you may remember me talking about fat mum slim in the past -- she's the one who comes up with the photo a day challenge lists that i participate in, but she also runs a gift exchange, and for the past two years i've taken part. it's an enjoyable activity: you stalk someone half way around the world and buy them a holiday present that you think they'd like, while someone different is stalking you and buying you a present. it's akin to an international secret santa exchange and it's tons of fun. (i'll mention it again when it's time to sign up next october/november!)

in the midst of my stalking, i stumbled across a new project for 2014 that i decided to try: a bright project. it was started by carly grace lloyd and was designed to help women better love themselves and have an awesome new year with the help of a community of like minded women. i signed up because (a) i love the thought of helping others, (b) it would be a chance for me to reflect about where i've been, where i'm going, and how to get there, and (c) i love snail mail.

how it works: 
each month we're given an assignment and a partner. the assignment has two elements: a personal aspect and a social aspect. the personal aspect is normally a self-reflection piece where you write a letter to yourself on a certain topic. you can be as creative, honest, and deep as you want -- this part is for you. on the other hand, the social aspect normally includes a letter to your partner about that month's topic, but it can be more involved than that as well. some months we're supposed to put together a small package for our partner with things we think they'll benefit from, but other months we connect with one another on instagram, using the people around us to help ourselves grow and reflect. 


these are just a few pictures from our first assignment: we were tasked with coming up with a physical object for our partner to give them a daily reminder of their goals and dreams for the year. 


the sign up for participating in a bright project has ended but there's been some talk about opening it up again; i will be sure to update this if i hear anything more!

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