Friday, February 7, 2014

being reflective with photos -- january 2014 #fmsphotoaday

like i've mentioned before, i'm trying to be more reflective this year. i'm attempting to grow and learn from my experiences rather than just let them wash over me as i've done in the past. and sometimes that's really hard, especially when you're trying to reflect on things that have happened to you years ago. but having photos makes the reflection process a little easier. luckily, i've been doing this photo a day challenge for two years and a month now, which means i have three years worth of january photos to compare and learn from. how cool is that?

here are my 2012 and 2013 photos.

so, what have i learned over the past two years? i've learned that life changes, it moves on, whether you want it to or not, and those changes are good things. change is hard, of course, but it's an integral part of life -- humans wouldn't have survived if we hadn't changed, adapted, and evolved. and after freaking out about the curve balls that life throws us, it's important to accept these changes and welcome them with open arms. because if we aren't looking toward the future, or we focus too much on the past, we'll miss all of the beautiful things that are happening around us. despite the fact that many of these changes make us feel like we've been punched in the gut, it's important to realize that these changes happened for a reason -- they will make us stronger, they will lead us in the direction we're supposed to go, and they will open up new possibilities and opportunities that hadn't even occurred to us yet.

where will 2014 take you?


lunch: baked eggs! // begins with G... glue. // my town: bk, va, df, & baja az // words to live by: puppies & pizza!


found... the last rosca de reyes! // happens everyday // upside down // lucky number... 29!


natural: rcg got me flowers! // manmade // looking down: date day! // colorful: tattoo ink!


makes me smile... when i'm right! // 3 things: a computer & 2 kitten toys // black + white... kitten // sun


tiny... excel spreadsheet // happy place: when i'm with him // breakfast... at proper // to do list


blue // nice... surprise! // bedtime // your space... is being invaded by bodanzalez boda prep!


a taste of summer/winter // fun stuff... rcg getting fitted for his suit! // something i bought: a new scarf // dinner... was a disaster.


window: reflection // best invention ever: math! // polka dot... street art!

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