Thursday, February 13, 2014

tombstone: the town too tough to die

one of rcg's favorite movies is tombstone, the 1993 classic dramatizing the famous shootout at the ok corral, starring kurt russell and val kilmer as wyatt earp and doc holliday. incidentally, tombstone is just a short ride from tucson, so when rcg found out that i'd never seen the movie, he hurried to rectify the situation. (i think we'd lived in tucson for all of two weeks before i was made to watch it). after all, we could visit tombstone whenever we wanted. but the hustle and bustle of tucson soon took over and we didn't visit tombstone until this past december when my parents were in town. my mom loved the idea of exploring southern arizona -- going on the queen mine tour, exploring bisbee, going to tombstone -- so we did! and tombstone is totally as goofy as you think it is.

approximately five blocks have been restored to look like they did when wyatt earp and doc holliday roamed the streets. people are dressed up in period clothing: men in cowboy boots and spurs with scruffy beards and curly haired ladies in colorful dresses and tiny parasols. and every fifteen feet is another opportunity to witness the "only true accounting of the ok corral shootout". i couldn't tell you which one is, in fact, the closest to the truth, but you could spend all day hopping from one show to the next and judge for yourself!



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