Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2014 -- week 8 of #projectlife -- my secret project.

have you heard of a 30 before 30 list? it's pretty straightforward: it's a list of 30 things you want to do before you turn 30. i was introduced to this idea in august after a friend of mine turned 29 and decided to try it for himself. he had amazing things on his list like ride 60 miles in el tour de tucson (you can see him finishing here!), donating a bag of dog food to a local animal shelter for every bag he buys his own dogs, and reading classic novels. i was so inspired by him and his list that i decided to start my own list.   

it's really hard to think of 30 things you want to do though. and it's even harder to find the time to do those things, like learn american sign language, and sometimes it's even harder to find the money for them. after all, riding in a helicopter, taking a hot air balloon ride, and going bungee jumping are not cheap endeavors. so i've kept my list a secret. because once i tell people my list, then i'm accountable; i have to do them or else i look like a fraud. maybe accountability is exactly what i need, especially since it's been three months since i turned 29 and not only do i not have a full list but i've also only accomplished 2 things on the list. learning how to crochet is one of those things. and it's so easy to do, i wonder why i waited so long to learn it!

(if you also want to learn how to crochet, i recommend this two part series: part one and part two.)

in the interest of accountability, here's my list:
  1. ride in a helicopter or hot air balloon
  2. go bungee jumping
  3. get married (scheduled: may 10, 2014)
  4. take a trip by myself (scheduled: mar 13&16)
  5. learn ASL
  6. learn how to can pickles
  7. perform 12 random acts of kindness 
  8. write a will (december 2013)
  9. learn how to blow glass
  10. learn the swim flip
  11. enter a food eating contest
  12. raise money for charity
  13. take a drawing or pottery class
  14. do 5 (unassisted) pull ups in a row
  15. find out my blood type
  16. learn how to crochet (february 2014)
  17. read 5 educational books & 5 classics (and at least 52 books)
if you want to do any of these things, let me know -- i'd love buddies! or if you have any ideas of things i could do, i'm open to suggestions!

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