Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 -- week 9 of #projectlife -- planning a wedding.

everyone says planning a wedding is stressful. at first, i didn't believe them. we started off strong: we got engaged at the end of april and by the end of july we'd booked all of our vendors. i breathed a sigh of relief thinking we'd somehow beat the system; we weren't going to be stressed. and for a while we weren't. we sent out the save the dates, we planned the invitations, and we settled in to wait for the wedding to get closer. we still weren't stressed and we still weren't sure what all of the fuss was about. but, as we're now learning, once those invitations go out, it all changes. it becomes real. it's no longer this far away date that you can idly think about and plan for; you have to start doing things. 

as february drew to a close we realized we hadn't talked to any of vendors since we first booked them. and we realized we had a general idea of all that needed to be done, but no idea of the specifics. the wedding magazines and websites are very good at generating general to do lists, but each wedding is different so we had to make our own list. man, that sucker is a long one. because what they never tell you is the beginning is the easy part, it's all sunshine and cake tastings; the almost end, the last couple of months is when the big decisions are going to be made. but the worst part of it isn't the tiny details you would never think about on your own, those decisions are fairly easy, it's the waiting. the "i know exactly what needs to be done, but i can't do anything until 2 weeks before" waiting. and it's driving me crazy! 

side note -- to my mildred: from the very first time i saw you running from corner to corner, chasing nothing, poofy and cute as could be, you stole my heart. happy birthday my little princess. here's to a million more snuggles and death stares. 

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