Friday, March 14, 2014

#bodanzalezboda: the invitations

i'm so excited to finally share our wedding invitations!! 

we've had them designed and ready to be printed since before the save the dates were finished, but it didn't seem right to reveal them before they'd been sent out and received by our guests. but now that they have, i can tell you all about them!

since our wedding has an old pueblo meets mexico theme and because we love bright, vibrant colors, we thought it only appropriate that our wedding invitations reflect that. we scanned in all of the cards from a lotería game, a kind of mexican bingo, and picked the ones that seemed most appropriate to our event. (obviously we had to choose "el borracho"!)

the one problem we came across, however, were the many different choices for lotería cards. at first we had 12 cards pulled out, four cards for each event (ceremony, reception, & welcome dinner), but we decided with that much color, each piece of paper should look a little different. that's why the ceremony invitation has four large vertical cards, the reception has four small cards lined up horizontally, and the welcome dinner just has one large image on the front. they all have one style, but are different enough to be unique.

we wanted the save the dates and the actual invitations themselves to have a similar feel, so we designed the backs of each in a similar way, using our handwriting to speak the words for us. (to find out how we turned our handwriting into a font, read my previous post here.) again, we didn't want the invitations to be too matchy-matchy so we tried to adapt the styles so that they better fit the event. for examples, the ceremony cards are much more formal looking while the welcome dinner's card has a more informal feel to it.

originally, that was it for the invitations. we'd looked into having stamps made to our design, but they turned out to be too expensive, so i went out and bought a bunch of cute stamps to use instead. i was days away from putting them on the invitation's envelopes when we went to the coin show and i discovered that i could buy old, possibly more meaningful stamps instead. i headed down to old pueblo coin and spent an hour pouring over their stamps, picking out the perfect ones for my guests. my goal was to find unique and meaningful stamps for each one of my guests, whether that meant the stamp directly related to them or to us.

here are a few of the completed envelopes i sent out:

for my family from michigan. 

last name: campbell.

the gonzalez clan.
(1972 olympics + dahlia flower; filmmaker)


met them in va, lived with them in ny, now they're my north carolina transplants.

bk meets boston.

to my fellow teachers. 

(maybe he'll send us a congratulations letter!?)

to my peace corp buddies. 

1984 olympics (for vmb) + 1980 olympics (for rcg)

to a veteran.
to my grandmother, lover of the opera.