Tuesday, March 11, 2014

february date: mexico city!

when rcg and i visit new places, undoubtedly our focus is on food. that's how we travel: with food as the focal point, the thing to plan our day or our trip around. when we visited new york, we figured out where we wanted to eat first, and then filled in the blanks with people to see and sights to visit. our trip to seattle & portland was no different. so of course we had a very strict meal plan when it came to visiting mexico city as well. in fact, ever since we decided to go back for a quick visit, the plan was to check into our hotel and immediately get tacos al pastor.


you may remember from an earlier post that tucson is essentially al pastor-less -- we continue to search for an acceptable equivalent and can't find one -- so it was with intense pleasure that we sat down to some of the best tacos in df at 1am at one of our favorite places, tizoncito. it's a chain, but they have some of the best, and cheapest, tacos i've ever had. for less than 100 pesos we ate to our hearts content and went to bed happy!

the next day we got up bright and early; we had errands to run and friends to see! one of our first stops was to c.o.m.e., a small japanese restaurant in roma. we discovered it shortly before moving away from mexico city, but the food was so delicious that we had to go back for another taste. for 75 pesos you get everything in the picture above, plus soup & a small fruit for dessert. it's a spectacular deal and some of the best food ever.

we met up with friends a little later at sesãme, an asian restaurant in roma. the food was delicious, but the real star here was my drink: the khwam (passion fruit juice, star of anise, and mezcal). it's simple, refreshing, and absolutely stunning. i wish i could drink it all day, every day. 


the trip would not have been complete without a trip to tizoncito's rival taco chain, el farolito. we've always wanted to do a side by side comparison of the two places, and with only a couple of hours between visits, we figured this would be our best chance. el farolito makes a mean taco, for sure, but there was a clear winner, tizocnito. it's cheaper than el farolito and has a yummy bean dip, but el farolito wins on the post dinner candies; their packets of tamarindo & chile candies are some of my favorite in mexico. 

and lastly, no visit to mexico would be complete without a serious date with mezcal. a friend of ours recently began exporting mezcal from oaxaca to canada and the united states, and we were lucky enough to be in town when his company, fortuna, was hosting a brunch in nearby roma. we were on our way to the airport, so we couldn't fully drown ourselves, but the drinks were amazing and the pozole was to die for. 


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