Tuesday, March 18, 2014

phoenix international raceway: standing on pit road

personally, i never thought i'd be into nascar, it's just a bunch of left turns after all. but i do like track and field, especially the distance running, and that's just a bunch of left turns too. so when we were offered hot passes to the sprint cup event at the phoenix international raceway, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to experience my first nascar race.

 i think this pretty much sums up the day: sunshine, RVs, crazy fans, loud noises, colorful cars, dangerous crashes, 200 mph driving, and about a million left turns. but then you get onto pit road and everything changes. there's a whole depth to nascar that i never could have imagined. there are thousands of gallons of gas, hundreds of tires, over fifty drivers, their crews, and their 18-wheelers. there is ceremony and strategy, incredibly skilled pit crews, and some of the most skilled drivers in the world. the whole thing is very impressive.


danica patrick is tiny. like tiny tiny. who knew?


i took over 50 pictures just trying to get one with a car in it. luckily they were driving 312 laps, so i had plenty of opportunities to get the perfect shot!


the 2013 sprint cup champion, jimmie johnson, getting his car serviced.

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