Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014 -- week 12 of #projectlife -- the power of positive thinking.

when rcg lost his job in february, we were shocked and surprised, but we weren't totally unprepared for it. we'd already been talking about moving on from tucson, despite our continued fondness for the old pueblo, finding a new place to call home and new jobs to suit our needs and wants. throughout the next month and a half we kept an open mind: rcg applied to jobs all over and we were wiling to make some big changes. but luckily, after a long wait and more than a couple of freak outs, we found out some good news: we're here to stay, tucson! (at least for one more year.)

during his time at his previous job, rcg did quite a bit of soul searching, with the end result being the realization that although he didn't want to return to academia, he did really enjoy teaching. so he decided to forge a new path and become a high school teacher! the crazy part is he'd so committed to this idea that he'd already submitted an application for the teach arizona program at the university of arizona a week prior to being laid off. but you know how college admissions is -- you do all of this work on the application and then you sit and wait, and wait, and wait to hear back. in meantime, he worked on a million other applications and had a ton of contingency plans, but in the end it was all for naught; he was got in! even better news: his contingency plans paid off as well! while he awaits the start of his program in may, he can be found driving around tucson for both uber and lyft!

this is all to say, the power of positive thinking is an amazing thing. having continued confidence in yourself when the chips are stacked against you, is a difficult thing. but if you remain positive, even if things don't turn out quite the way you want, you'll be much more able to handle the things that come your way. i'm so proud of rcg for staying positive, for believing in himself, and working so hard for what he wants. other things i'm excited for: hearing his stories about teaching, being able to help him brainstorm lesson plans, and (eventually) summers off again!

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