Thursday, April 17, 2014

five years ago -- march #fmsphotoaday

this year is a year of reflection for me. i'm trying to be much more aware of myself than i have in the past, my thoughts, my wants, my accomplishments. so i was very excited to see that one of this month's prompts was "five years ago". it meant i had to sit down and think about where i was five years ago. what was i doing? what did my life look like? was i happy? was i doing something that fulfilled or excited me? the short answer: my life in the spring of 2009 was as different as could be from my life now. in 2009 i lived and worked in brooklyn and i was finishing up my first year of teaching high school world history. i was still pretty new to the city and definitely new to teaching, so generally all i did was work, trying desperately to stay afloat. i didn't have many friends in the city, and the ones i did have lived in manhattan or queens and we didn't see each other often. so i'm not sure if i was living a necessarily exciting life, but i was making it work. i was surviving. then, in march 2009, one of my students asked if i wanted a kitten. obviously my answer was yes, because that same month i brought home a tiny white and black fur ball whom we named mildred.

it's no surprise then that when i went to look back at my pictures from five years ago, that's what i found: pictures of mildred. lots of them. and that was it. she was the highlight of my life in march 2009. maybe that's sad, and maybe you'll call me a crazy cat lady (it wouldn't be the first time), but i don't see it that way. i see her entrance to my life as a blessing. (and those that know me know that's not a word i throw very often.) that little fur princess was, and still is, the light of my life. she came to me when i needed a friend and some entertainment. she was this spunky little kitten with a belly that wouldn't quit who wanted to hang out with me and depended on me. and at that point in my life, that's something i really needed. i needed to succeed at something without having to work too hard for it, i needed someone to need me, and i needed someone to love and trust and count on. i know all of this sounds silly to non-pet owners, but it's true; mildred rocked my world in the best possible way. and despite her status as a full blown diva queen, she, along with her brother, continues to be one of the best things in my life. 

ps. i'm super excited to announce that i was chosen for the fab four by fatmumslim on march 21st. this is the second time i've been chosen (you can hear about the first time here), but it's no less of an honor. thanks!


yellow: it's spring in the desert! // something borrowed: $$ // my name is... victoria // on my mind: it's tax season!


something beginning with i... instamax minis! // chair // fly // nobody puts my baby... in the corner


10am // far away // something good... my little muscles can finally do pull ups! // partial... view of a cow!


fresh... air on the mississippi // care: this is all i cared about this weekend: crawfish! // evening // beautifully ordinary 


today's weather: cold with blue skies // 5 years ago... mildred came home to live with me // cropped: a sneak peek of #bodanzalezboda ceremony location // letter: thanks!


full... of fun, rides, & fried foods! // morning // i love this... bacon flight. // one of a kind


soft... landing with teamwork // i am here... early! // something i made! // nostalgia... to an amazing night in oaxaca.


sticky... situation. sorry UA! // fast // faux... plant

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