Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 -- week 13 of #projectlife -- writer's block

oh man guys, i'm so behind in my project life posts (and all other blog posts)! i'm sorry. but now the wedding is over, and our lives are getting back to normal, so it's back to blogging i go. i apologize, in advance, for the inundation of blog posts in the near future. 

and, of course, as i sit down to write this post, i'm drawing a blank. i've been out of practice for too long! honestly, sometimes i forget that i'm not a writer, not really. i always hated the creative writing assignments we were given back in high school english; i could never think of a topic to write about. even now, at least once a week, rcg asks me to tell him a story and i can't come up with anything. all he's asking for is a quick story about my day or a silly thing i've made up, but i get nervous and i don't know what to say, always thinking that there could be a better story in my brain that i just haven't discovered yet. somehow though, i've decided that blogging isn't really writing, and therefore i should be able to do it. but every once in a while i remember that i don't like writing and that i'm not amazing at it, and i hit a wall. do you have any suggestions on how to get your writing brain back? or should i just suck it up and push through? help please!

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