Friday, May 30, 2014

2014 -- week 14 of #projectlife -- a love letter to tucson.

i have friends who write beautiful things about new york, and every time i read them, i want to go back so bad it hurts. new york is color and noise and it was the first place i was an adult. but i wouldn't change my life as it stands now, because although tucson is as different from new york as chocolate ice cream and cherry pie, it's the place i've made home with rcg. don't get me wrong, i love new york, and i loved living in mexico city, loved, i would go back in a heart beat, but it was his town, just like new york is/was my town. but tucson, tucson is our town.

tucson is where we arrived two years ago with no idea what to expect, no friends, and no furniture. we showed up with 4 duffel bags and 2 kittenz and made a gorgeous little home with blue & yellow walls, saguaros, and clear skies. we've met some pretty amazing people, discovered great eats, fell in love with the outdoors, and found adventure here. we've had many memorable things happen here (eg. our first kickball teamour engagement, our first skydiving jump, our first camping & hiking trip, and our wedding) and we'll have many more. and while we may not stay here forever, tucson will always live on in our hearts as our first home together, our oasis in the desert, and our little slice of sunshine.

not sure what all of this tucson love has to do with this week's pictures? as i was looking at these pictures i was reminded yet again how amazing our life in tucson is. part of that is the home we've built, but part of that is the environment we've found ourselves in and the wonderful people we've met. we've had such amazing opportunities to grow and learn here that i figured it was high time i wrote a little love letter to show how appreciative we are of the old pueblo for forever changing our lives.

ps. if you haven't already, be sure to check out sky bar on 4th avenue. who says looking at the stars has to be difficult? they have a telescope and knowledgeable staff that are dying to show you the wonders of the night sky!
pps. this post has inspired me to write a true love letter to tucson -- i submitted it yesterday. i hope i'm chosen to be featured on the love letters to tucson website! but even if i'm not, i've said my piece and shown my love, and that's enough for me. 

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