Monday, June 2, 2014

engagement photos, take 2

last october, rcg and i took engagement photos that i never revealed. we were so unprepared for the photoshoot -- we were late, had a clothing crisis, and generally were not in the right mind to be taking photos -- that i knew before the shoot was even over that the photos wouldn't be amazing. our photographer tried his best, but it was out of his hands; we were a hot mess. so we decided to try again in the spring, and i'm so glad we did!

the second shoot took place around sunset in barrio viejo, which is a neat little neighborhood west of downtown tucson. it's filled with stunning adobe houses, cacti, and oodles of character.




in case you were curious, here's a peek at our original photo shoot. they're not bad, but they're not quite what we were looking for.



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