Wednesday, May 28, 2014

four things i love about mother earth -- april 2014 #fmsphotoaday

this year, i had the absolute joy of being knee deep in nature on april 22, aka. earth day. (rcg and i were on our pre-honeymoon, roadtripping through northern arizona, southern utah, and the sierra nevada mountains in california.) so i couldn't help but dig into the amazing views around me for my photo a day inspiration. in honor of the "four things" prompt i captured four amazing views from our travels that day: antelope canyon, horseshoe bend, zion national park, and the blm land we camped on for the night. but i think the earth deserves a little more celebration than just a couple of photos. i hope this ode to mother earth does her justice.

four things i love about mother earth:

her enormity never lets you forget how small and inconsequential you are. which is a good thing. every time you look at the stars or the ocean she reminds you that you are small, the world is large, and that all of the little trials and tribulations you face on a daily basis aren't that big of a deal.

her peacefulness.

her never ending beauty and majesty. from the purple mountains to the sandy beaches and salty ocean,  from the tall trees to the rolling green hills, and from the deserts to the jungles to the bayous, mother earth is stunning. every where you look you can find beauty: in the perfection of a zebra's stripes, the black silkiness of a panther's coat, or in the fractals of a seashell. even in the misery, the hurricanes, the rainstorms, and the fires, there is beauty; mother earth cleans up after us and takes care of herself.

her interconnectedness and diversity. every single plant and animal on this planet is unique. every single rock, wave, and cloud is different. and every single lightening bolt, thunderclap, and star is one of a kind. but each of these is dependent on everything else around it. it's beyond impressive to see how everything on earth works in harmony to survive and succeed together.

you want to write your own love letter to earth? check out this website.


something purple: petals seen while taking engagement photos // in my hand: juice. // shapes: easter eggs! // good together: rainbow pom poms!


not mine: the tutu belongs to rcg now! // a taste of spring: a drive up mt. lemmon //where i'd rather be... snuggling // hobby = eating


 dark... side of the moon. // my fave part of the day... date night // 3 of a kind: erasers // on my left: peanut boulders


more please! au revoir simone // dirty... windshield// i'm reading this... and a couple others too! // my vice: using too many tissues & leaving them everywhere!


something i learned: how to make fans! // good... night to do boda research! // money! // egg


close... telescopes make things look close! // four things... i saw today. // entrance... to nevada! // a pop of color


remember... to cut your toenails! // enjoy the little things // under my feet // chaotic: post-camping unpacking


contrast: yellow sunset vs. purple mountains majesty // something silly

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