Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 -- week 15 of #projectlife -- the three quotes i'm trying to live my life by.

everywhere i look i seem to see meaningful and inspirational quotes. and everyone has their favorites, the ones that get them motivated, get them excited, or really express how they're feeling. last year, i wrote about some of my favorite quotes here; they're by crazy amazing people like the buddha, gandhi, confucius, shane koyczan, jack kerouac, and walt whitman. this year, when the 52 list topic came around again i tried to keep it simple, choosing only three quotations, even though there are so many quotes out there that speak to me. why only three quotes? because sometimes it's important to pare down and keep it focused. our minds are already so cluttered with all of the things we want and need that it's vital to our well-being to pause, take a deep breathe, and refocus. and for me, these quotes help to do that; they balance me, keep me sane.

"progress, not perfection."
i first saw this lovely, simple quote on a friend's blog and immediately gravitated towards it. i like it because it reminds me that we need to focus less on being perfect and more on growing, learning, and stretching. we need to go forward, not backward. and mistakes are a crucial part of life.

"be yourself. everyone else is already taken." --oscar wilde
i've seen or heard this quote many times before, but it wasn't until last december that i really fell in love with it. i was trying to buy a gift with this quotation on it, but i was having a really hard time finding anything in my price range. however, the more i searched etsy and amazon and tried to find something nice, the more this quote soaked into my head. we're all taught that we are unique and different and special but it wasn't until i stared at this quote for days on end, that i really got it. you can't be anyone but yourself. you can try to act like other people, copying their mannerisms, clothing, and dreams, but deep down you will always be you -- and that person is amazing and perfect. the lesson here is to never stop being yourself and never stop believing in yourself.

"mind like water."
i was listening to david allen's ted talk: "getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity" and about half way through i had to pause it, get out my notebook, and start listening again. i needed to take notes. i needed to clarify what he was saying so it made sense in my brain. when i heard the quote "mind like water" i needed to, again, pause the podcast and take a minute to figure out what that meant. his explanation: when you throw a pebble into a still lake, the lake responds totally appropriately: it doesn't overreact (creating a big tidal wave) and it doesn't underreact (no action whatsoever). he argues that our minds should be more like that lake. meaning, each of us should respond appropriately to the things and events in our lives; the more you do, the more effective you'll be. you'll have less stress, you'll be more engaged, and you'll feel more in control. and i like that idea. every time i feel overwhelmed i come back to this quote, take a deep breathe, and make my mind like water.

what quotes move and inspire you?

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