Thursday, June 5, 2014

2014 -- week 16 of #projectlife -- the unplanned parts of the wedding

when it comes to wedding planning, there are many different things you need to think about: caterers, photographers, decorations, music, stationary, and the list goes on. but there were a couple of things i just couldn't be bothered to think about: hair, shoes, and makeup. with less than 30 days until the wedding, i had just about everything thought out and planned, but i still couldn't bring myself to think about my accessories or my do. i'm not especially girly, so it's not really a surprise that i would leave these aspects of my wedding day unplanned, but whenever anyone (female) asked me how wedding planning was going, they inevitably would ask about this, and i never had an acceptable answer for them. my plan was to wear my bedrock sandals and do my own hair and makeup. no one was thrilled with this plan (except me). in fact, if my mom lived any closer she probably would've killed me. 

in an effort to appease my mother, and ultimately, make my life less stressful, i finally decided to get my hair done by a professional. but getting my hair done at the salon wasn't as easy as i'd hoped it would be, of course, because you're supposed to have a "hair trial" before your actual wedding day. which meant that not only did i have to get my hair done, i had to get it done twice! i felt bad for the wonderful girl who ended up doing my hair; she was incredibly patient and kind, despite my being a difficult client. (i told you i'm not very girly!)

as for my makeup, a good friend kindly offered to do it for me. this is the same friend who taught me and my girlfriends the proper way to apply eye makeup during our bachelorette weekend getaway and has her own wedding planning business in houston, so i knew i'd be in good hands. 

my shoes, however, would remain a mystery until the day of the wedding. 

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