Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 -- week 17 of #projectlife -- our pre-wedding roadtrip!

most people take a honeymoon after they're married. it's a chance for them to get away and relax after the stress of planning a wedding. we are not like most people. we knew that a week after the wedding, rcg would be starting school, so we decided to go on a quick vacation beforehand. we didn't want to spend too much money, so we planned on going to two places we'd both been dying to check out: antelope canyon in northern arizona and bishop, california, one of the premier bouldering spots in the country. we roughly planned our trip, made a couple of reservations at campgrounds, and rented a car.

we spent a week driving through national parks, bouldering, and enjoying the scenery. we camped most nights, not showering for days, letting the wind and dirt do amazing things to my hair. we rode in a helicopter, saw old friends, soaked in hot springs, and had a great time together not worrying about anything, just enjoying being together. it was incredibly relaxing. unfortunately, as the trip ended and we got closer and closer to tucson, my to do lists started to come back to me, getting longer and longer with each passing mile. that being said, it was an amazing trip with spectacular views, and i'm so glad we made the time to explore our corner of the world just a little bit more. (look for most posts about this trip next week!)

read more about each part of our trip here:
meteor crater outside of flagstaff, arizona
page, arizona's wonders: antelope canyon & horseshoe bend
our helicopter ride outside of zion national park
the drive through death valley national park
climbing in the happy boulders in bishop, california

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