Wednesday, June 18, 2014

bishop, california


the end goal of our meanderings through northern arizona and southern utah was bishop, california. situated southeast of yosemite, north of kings canyon & sequoia parks on the west and death valley on the east, bishop is supposed to have some the best bouldering in the united states. there are two main areas to boulder: the buttermilks and the happy & sad boulders, with two different kinds of rock. according to bishop bouldering by wills young, the only climbing book you should buy for the area, there are almost 2000 problems in bishop! we were so overwhelmed by the options that we ended up hanging out at the happy boulders our whole visit! honestly, i think it would take weeks to check out all of the routes, which means we'll definitely have to visit again. and i'm totally ok with that; bishop is a pretty cute town with plenty of places to eat, a rad gear shop, and super relaxing hot springs.



fyi: trout season starts the last weekend of april in the bishop and mammoth lakes area and there is a lot of fly fishing, in case you're into that kind of thing.

there are a ton of campgrounds in and around bishop,
but one of the best places is the pleasant valley pit campground.
just outside of town, near the happy and sad boulders, 
it's open from november to may, ie. bouldering season, and costs $2 a night. 
there's also the pleasant valley campground just down the road;
it's open all year and costs $10 a night.

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