Wednesday, June 11, 2014

horseshoe bend & the glen canyon dam

about five miles south of page, arizona, home of antelope canyon, the colorado river meanders through sandstone cutting a horseshoe shape into the cliffs. the view can only be seen from the cliffs above, a 1 mile round trip hike from the highway. the walk up to the cliff's edge is fairly uneventful, flat with low shrubs (see below), but when you reach the edge, the view is breathtaking!




on the way back to the campsite you drive over the incredible glen canyon dam via the glen canyon bridge. the dam, built in the 1950s and 1960s, is used to generate hydroelectric power and controls the flow of water from the colorado river providing water for california, arizona, new mexico, utah, colorado, wyoming, and nevada. lake powell, created by the dam, remains the second largest man-made reservoir in the united states and sits on the border of arizona and utah. and despite the fact that lake levels have been low in recent years it is still a favorite vacation spot for its water sports and nearness to the magnificent rainbow bridge. (visit lake powell's website for more information.)


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