Friday, June 13, 2014

my first helicopter ride!

as rcg and i were headed to bishop, california, by way of death valley, we were enjoying the scenery when we passed a sign claiming to offer $29 helicopter rides. i turned and casually mentioned that riding in a helicopter was something on my 30 before 30 list. he immediately slowed the car down and started to turn around. but when i went to check what time they opened i was dismayed -- they open at 8am, but our dashboard said 715am. bummer. we weren't going to wait 45 minutes for them to open; we had climbing to do! then it hit me: utah was on mountain time, and our car was on pacific time -- it was open!

instead of doing the $29 trip, a mere 5 minute ride, we decided to go for 20 minutes. it was more expensive ($109/person) but if we were going to ride in helicopter, we might as well make it worth it! even though this was a first for both us, rcg let me sit up front, and the pilot even let us take the door off so i could get better pictures! but nothing could beat that initial take off -- the feeling was incredible! it was the same feeling i used to get when my dad pushed me on the swing. i would lean back and quickly sit up again causing, what i used to refer to, and sometimes still do, "a happy tummy". but it was that feeling times a million. after doing this and skydiving a couple years ago, i totally get why people are adrenaline junkies. it's just such a fantastic feeling!




although the company is called zion helicopter you can't actually fly in the park. instead we flew near the gorgeous red cliffs, and over sand dunes, the virgin river, and quail lake. and in the distance, you could see the southern entrance to zion. the whole trip was just so amazing!

if you're ever passing through hurricane, utah,
be sure to check out zion helicopter
it'll be worth the trip, i promise.

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