Monday, June 9, 2014

that's a big hole: meteor crater, arizona

forty minutes east of flagstaff there lies a giant hole in the ground. about 50,000 years ago a 600 foot iron-nickel meteorite moving at approximately 26,000 miles per hour crashed into earth forming a huge crater. as people moved into the area they noticed the crater, but it wasn't until the early 1900s that it was determined the crater had been caused by an impact. and although daniel barringer, a mining engineer, worked diligently to prove that the impact was the result of a meteor, this fact wasn't confirmed until the 1960s. now the crater is referred to as barringer's crater and is owned and maintained by the barringer crater company. 

i'd never heard of meteor crater, but rcg has been talking about how much he wanted to visit since we took our first trip to flagstaff. so on our way from flagstaff to page we decided to take a mini detour and check it out. it was much pricier than we imagined ($18 each!) but it was worth it because we learned so much about the meteor crater and meteors in general. plus, we were able to touch part of the recovered meteor and it gave us an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful weather!


the drive from flagstaff to page is stunning and so incredibly different from baja arizona. here are a few pictures to tide you over until you get the opportunity to make the drive yourself!

hours: 7am-7pm
adults $18, seniors $16, 6-17year olds $9, 
kids 5 and under are free

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