Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 -- week 19 of #projectlife -- an unstressful wedding week

everyone says planning a wedding is stressful, and oh goodness, it is. but this week, the last five days before the wedding, were anything but. despite having to go to work, i had a relaxing, calm week. because i'd already put in the hard work: i already made the phone calls, written the emails, and worked out the details. there were some hiccups, of course: intense weather in dallas delayed family and friends for hours,  there was a miscommunication with one of the vendors regarding setup, and who can forget the black eye? but all these things were so minor as to be forgettable. instead this was a week of joy, laughter, and love. and i'm so thankful that we were able to celebrate with all the people we love and cherish.

obviously i took very few of these pictures, so thank you to those of you i stole from. y'all captured everything so beautifully; we're forever grateful. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 -- week 18 of #projectlife -- our wedding menu!

with one week left before the wedding, rcg and i had only a couple of things that still needed doing. the most important of which was taste testing some items from our menu. this was the part of wedding planning we were most looking forward to because when we'd first talked to our caterer, proper, we had only one request: no chicken. at that, our chef's eyes lit up! he came up with an amazing, unique menu that looked super delicious and it was so great to see how excited the he and the rest of the staff was for our wedding! and i can not express enough our absolute gratitude to proper for the spectacular job they did during our wedding reception. if you live in tucson and haven't tried proper yet, you are doing yourself a huge disservice -- go eat there, now, tell them i sent you!

ps. for curious minds, here's a peek at our menu: 

charcuterie plate: 
brillat savarin triple cream brie, pecorino ginepro, and red hawk
coppa, sopresatta, and iberico jamon
with apricots, and figs

main course:
scallop crudo in baklouti chive oil topped with tobiko roe
potato pave with heirloom carrots a forono beet sauce
heirloom tomato, basil, and pine nut salad
asparagus with iberico jamon and green garlic
ricotta gnocchi in a smoked tomato broth with a pecorino ginepro garnish
bbq braised short ribs with pickled red onions
merguez lamb sausage with oven roasted fingerling potatoes