Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 -- week 23 of #projectlife -- why i celebrate half birthdays

since i've become adultlike (ie. teenager +) i've never really been a fan of celebrating my birthday. it drove/drives my friends crazy. they assume that because it's my birthday, we must be going out to celebrate. but i never really feel up to it. it's not that i dread my birthday (although for some ages i have), it's just that i like to enter the next year of my life with very little fanfare. i need to be mentally prepared for the celebration, and despite my birthday coming at the same time every year, i'm never quite ready for it. plus, the hullabaloo that is the thanksgiving, winter holiday season is too intense. there's too much to do, too much to eat, and too much christmas music. (call me scrooge mcduck, but i can't abide christmas music on my birthday, one of the last days of november. i just won't brook it.) but half birthdays are another story! half birthdays are fun and whimsical. you're older, obviously, but not really, so there's no pressure. and because of that, i love to celebrate half birthdays in unique and fun ways. which is why, when i learned that rcg's half birthday fell on national donut day this year, we celebrated with lovely, delicious, warm donuts!

that being said, i'd like to wish a happy (whole) birthday to the amazing dh! may your day be filled with donuts and sunshine!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 -- week 22 of #projectlife -- my dream of being a dirtbag

my new favorite blogger, dirtbag darling, basically lives my dream life: she travels around in a sprinter van, kayaking, climbing, and biking her way across the united states. there's sunshine, sweat, and super amazing sporty clothes. she's made me want to be a dirtbag, to give up my job and enjoy the adventure of the wild outdoors and the open road. to have dirty feet and calloused hands, salty hair and sweat rings in my clothes, a sports bra tan and awesome gear, a threadbare backpack and great stories. to adventure through life, checking out all of the crazy, cool, beautiful, wonderful things this country (and all the other ones too) has to offer. but it's not easy getting to that place; it's a risk, a huge one, and not one that i'm/we're ready to make just yet. but that doesn't mean we don't try and get outside every chance we get. so when i found out that june was "great outdoors month" and dirtbag darling was having a challenge to get outside for 30 minutes a day, i decided to give it a go. unfortunately, june is the hottest month in arizona: the average temperature is 101º and the monsoons haven't arrived yet. it is full on summertime. so getting outside everyday was actually a challenge. i was successful most days, even if it meant making my phone calls while walking around my work complex, but it's given me a new appreciation for the dirtbag lifestyle. sometimes it's difficult to get outside and get moving, but at the end of the day, you will always be thankful you did. your legs may be sore and you may have sunburned shoulders, but you will feel accomplished and healthy. and there are few things more important than that.

ps. if you are going on an adventure, outdoor or otherwise, and want a travel companion and/or photographer, i'm so down for that!

Friday, August 22, 2014

2014 -- week 21 of #projectlife -- rcg is a wildcat (and a teacher)!

back in february, rcg unexpectedly lost his job. we were momentarily devastated, until we realized this was the opportunity he needed to really focus on changing careers and becoming a high school teacher.  luckily, he had a lot of tongs in the fire, as they say, with different job ideas and possibilities. but we were pleased to peaches that he was accepted into his first choice: the university of arizona's teach arizona program, a year long masters program that combines course work and student teaching. in the interim months, he worked odd jobs and helped to plan the bodanzalez boda, but this week, he started classes! he's officially in school (again) and a wildcat! it's an intensive program, he has classes everyday for 12 months straight, but there will be vacations and learning and teacher talk! i'm so excited that my life's passion is also his and that we'll get to navigate the crazy, bureaucratic world of education together. welcome to the insane life!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

the canals at venice beach

part of my original venice beach sightseeing plan, was to not only check out the pier and the boardwalk, but also walk around the canals as well. unfortunately, the traffic was so bad that it looked like it wasn't going to happen. but as i was walking back to the car, i passed a tiny sign that pointed the way to the venice canal historic district. it was at this point that i realized the canals ran parallel to the road i was currently walking on and were on the way to the car, so why not take a few minutes to check them out? it was so worth the detour.



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

venice beach, california

this year, rcg and i decided to celebrate independence day in sunny los angeles. we went without any plans, just wanting to relax. it was at my insistence that we take a quick trip to venice beach, and despite the intense traffic, lack of parking, and rcg's sprained ankle we successfully managed to visit the iconic LA landmark. since both of us feel infinitely more relaxed by the ocean, we spent a couple hours enjoying the sea breeze, walking down the pier, and people watching on the boardwalk.




Tuesday, August 19, 2014

july #fmsphotoaday -- summertime

back in the day, i had my summers to myself, to do with how ever i pleased. i would sleep in, watch tv, and then find a paycheck in the mail. and i only ever felt a little bad about not doing anything all day. i had earned those summers. i had worked my tushy off from september to june. and i desperately needed to sit on my butt for two months to recoup and recharge for the following fall. but that's not my life anymore. this summer was the third working summer of my entire life. i guess it's like most people's summers where you are expected to work all week, send emails, go to trainings, set up recruitment events, etc. but ugh, how boring. so instead of immediately launching myself into "summer", no longer a period of rest and relaxation, but one of work and driving, i decided to take a couple of mini trips: one to LA and one to the east coast. and for a second it seemed like summer again.


red + white... & blue // something beginning with k: keys // match // stars


on the table: pine & crane // view // first... the safety message // i've never... stopped loving nyc


alive: each of these baskets tells a story // sharp // gold: chesapeake bay crabs are the best in the world // interior... of a union soldiers tent


look up... at my childhood room for the last time // old school... globe, pre-ww2 // torn // listening to... duolingo talking about my real life


sunshine // admire... their ability to nap together // curly: a throwback to the humid east coast // moment... of death


basic: common sense // i wore this! uniqlo jeans, bedrock sandals, & a land's end shirt // macro // water


home... is where the monsoon is // fun... parties have decapitated piñatas // ten... apples // cool... sunset


cool... sunset // repeat: another day, another recruitment event // lost: i just don't understand this fashion trend // rise... and shine!