Friday, August 22, 2014

2014 -- week 21 of #projectlife -- rcg is a wildcat (and a teacher)!

back in february, rcg unexpectedly lost his job. we were momentarily devastated, until we realized this was the opportunity he needed to really focus on changing careers and becoming a high school teacher.  luckily, he had a lot of tongs in the fire, as they say, with different job ideas and possibilities. but we were pleased to peaches that he was accepted into his first choice: the university of arizona's teach arizona program, a year long masters program that combines course work and student teaching. in the interim months, he worked odd jobs and helped to plan the bodanzalez boda, but this week, he started classes! he's officially in school (again) and a wildcat! it's an intensive program, he has classes everyday for 12 months straight, but there will be vacations and learning and teacher talk! i'm so excited that my life's passion is also his and that we'll get to navigate the crazy, bureaucratic world of education together. welcome to the insane life!

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