Tuesday, August 19, 2014

july #fmsphotoaday -- summertime

back in the day, i had my summers to myself, to do with how ever i pleased. i would sleep in, watch tv, and then find a paycheck in the mail. and i only ever felt a little bad about not doing anything all day. i had earned those summers. i had worked my tushy off from september to june. and i desperately needed to sit on my butt for two months to recoup and recharge for the following fall. but that's not my life anymore. this summer was the third working summer of my entire life. i guess it's like most people's summers where you are expected to work all week, send emails, go to trainings, set up recruitment events, etc. but ugh, how boring. so instead of immediately launching myself into "summer", no longer a period of rest and relaxation, but one of work and driving, i decided to take a couple of mini trips: one to LA and one to the east coast. and for a second it seemed like summer again.


red + white... & blue // something beginning with k: keys // match // stars


on the table: pine & crane // view // first... the safety message // i've never... stopped loving nyc


alive: each of these baskets tells a story // sharp // gold: chesapeake bay crabs are the best in the world // interior... of a union soldiers tent


look up... at my childhood room for the last time // old school... globe, pre-ww2 // torn // listening to... duolingo talking about my real life


sunshine // admire... their ability to nap together // curly: a throwback to the humid east coast // moment... of death


basic: common sense // i wore this! uniqlo jeans, bedrock sandals, & a land's end shirt // macro // water


home... is where the monsoon is // fun... parties have decapitated piƱatas // ten... apples // cool... sunset


cool... sunset // repeat: another day, another recruitment event // lost: i just don't understand this fashion trend // rise... and shine! 

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