Wednesday, August 6, 2014

june #fmsphotoaday -- the world cup

can we please pretend i'm not months behind on blogging? thanks!

it's funny, i'm not quite sure where my summer went. i mean, if i really think about it, i know exactly where it went, but it went by so quickly, i almost forget that it happened at all. especially june. june was  the worst. june was all world cup, all the time. i only knew what day it was because of what games were being played that day. i spent hours a day watching soccer. hours and hours. it was weird. and fabulous. because although i am not normally a sports aficionado, i can definitely have a conversation about the world cup. and i'm kind of a huge fan. just check out the pictures from june 13th on, there are at least 7 photos that directly or indirectly relate to the world cup. (there would have been more, but i really did try to rein it in at some point.) needless to say, i'm pretty excited for 2018.


joy // doing... work // family... snuggle time // ordinary... event in our house


11 o'clock... means karaoke & kickball // adventure // pattern // t is for... trash bags!


we live here // flying // the beginning... of every meal, onions // pastel 


simply... adorable // cross: england's cross wasn't enough to save them from italy's blue // lovely... lychees // in the shadows 


peaceful... driving home, windows down, music turned up // quriky // habit: post-kickball at the hut // yay! we each ate 6 hot dogs in 10 minutes


here i am: it's world cup season! //  growing... excited! // in this moment: the mexican coach is absolute favorite // what june looks like


sunflare // dreaming... of a win // loving... date night & crawfish // bed... time earthquakes


delight...ful // the end

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