Monday, August 11, 2014

love letter to tucson: UPDATE!

back in may i wrote a little speech about how much i love tucson. it was a tiny homage to the city i now call home, but it inspired me to write a real letter and submit it to love letters to tucson. and, lucky lucky, the bodanzalez letter was chosen to appear on the website! the words are a little different from my first (solo) attempt, but the love is the same. 

i am so in love with this idea, writing letters to the places we love. it's a fun way to really express all of the awesome, amazing things that your city has to offer. a couple of other towns do something similar, but not as well; rachel at love letters to tucson is really doing an amazing job. she meets with all of the letter writers, in different places around the old pueblo, to talk more about their mutual love for this little desert town. we spent an hour gushing about places to eat and taking photos at the super gorgeous ben's bells murals located at the corner of stone and broadway in downtown tucson. and we both walked away with a little more love for tucson.

ps. you can also find the letter here

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