Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014 -- week 24 of #projectlife -- friday the 13th.

i'm not really a superstitious person. i don't believe walking on the cracks will break your mother's back and i don't think bad things happen on "friday the 13th". i think good and bad things happen on all of the days and who cares where you walk so long as it isn't through gum or dog poop. but on june 13, 2014, a friday, something bad happened: spain was trounced by the netherlands, 5 to 1. it was truly an awful sight. but that's not the most awful thing that happened that day; that would belong to the 'pop' that rcg heard as he fell off a rock while bouldering on mt. lemmon. in that one instant his whole summer washed down the drain: he had sprained it. bad. and it wasn't the day's fault, it wasn't even the fall's fault, sometimes these things happen. it sucks and we always hope that it won't happen to us, but it still happens. and the only thing to do is to handle the situation and/or disaster with grace and positivity. and rcg did just that. in fact, i may have taken the spanish loss harder than he took the news of his sprained ankle!

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