Wednesday, September 24, 2014

2014 -- week 26 of #projectlife -- i'm an american outlaw.

did you watch the world cup at a bar or other public venue this june/july? remember that super rowdy group of US supporters who were yelling and cheering and chanting the whole time? most likely, those were the american outlaws, a US soccer supporting community of hooligans. they were probably decked out in red, white, and blue, wearing american flag bandanas, and rattling off statistics about the players and games. you may have even wished you were one of them; they looked like they were having so much fun. well, i did it; i became an american outlaw. it seemed only fitting since i spent almost every game near a tv or a phone (to check the scores), and my friend and i texted constantly, discussing the players, the games, the scores, and the things we read. she also became an american outlaw, obviously. in fact, it was her idea that we join. and although i don't live close to any of the friendlies coming up, i will definitely be decked out in my red, white, and blue, and chanting "i believe".

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