Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 -- week 27 of #projectlife -- happy birthday cornelius!

i got cornelius a couple of months after mildred. my student's cat, mildred's mother, had had another litter over the summer, and my student was looking for a home for one of the kittenz. she said that the kitten, named oreo, had previously gone to her aunt's family, but her niece had been torturing the kitten and they wanted to find a new home for him. i told her, very explicitly, i'd only meet him, i was not taking him home with me. it was a rainy night, in the backseat of her uncle's car, that she introduced me to two kittenz. i was immediately taken with the male version of mildred; he was white with black spots, like a little cat cow. i would have a pair of matching kittenz! unfortunately, he was not up for adoption. instead, if i wanted another cat, my option was the little tuxedo suit cat,  oreo. fine, i said, i'll take him. because, let's be honest, i am powerless in the face of tiny, adorable cats and i knew as soon as i got in that car that i was coming home with a kitten.

as soon as i walked into my apartment with oreo, whose name would be changed almost immediately to cornelius james, mildred was pissed. i'm talking pee in your shoe mad. (luckily, she's a lady and would never do such a thing.) as mildred glared at me and hissed at the new furry addition, the kitten took a cursory look around and settled on the couch for a twenty hour nap. no joke, he slept through the night and most of the next couple of days. he was, officially, the most boring kitten ever. i was less than pleased: i had made mildred irreversibly mad at me and i got a boring, sleepy kitten. i'm ashamed to say that i even toyed with the idea of giving him back. 

by the end of the first week however, all that had changed. turns out, he was so worn out from his previous life that he needed an intense cat nap before he could even pretend to be a kitten. he ran all over that house, jumping on counters, getting into cabinets, refrigerators, drawers, bags, and boxes. he wanted nothing more than to hang out with his big sister, so he followed her around constantly, despite her loud, and less than polite protestations. he talked incessantly, knocked things over, and created mischief. he was a little demon baby, earning his new last name, bodanyi, with flying colors. (we're all a bit nuts. even mildred.) 

that was five years ago, and while he's a giant now, he hasn't grown up too much. he still creates chaos, which is adorable or annoying depending on the time of day. (guess which one he is at 2am?) and he's still that incredibly loving little kitten, curling up in your lap, giving you kisses, or helping out in the kitchen. happy birthday meine fliege!

ps. we also visited LA this week. to read more about our trip check out this post and this post

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