Friday, September 19, 2014

when in virginia... watch a civil war reenactment!

during the civil war, there was never supposed to be a battle for washington dc. dc was heavily guarded with forts, batteries, and rifle trenches, but that didn't stop general jubal early from marching into town july 11, 1864. he got as far as fort stevens, a mere 7 miles from the white house. a battle took place and the union army defended dc with the confederates slipping away in the night. that was 150 years ago. this year, fort ward, not fort stevens, hosted a reenactment of the battle. the two day long battle was narrated and compressed into an hour, with an appearance by president abraham lincoln. in addition, both the union and confederate armies had set up camp and were answering questions for visitors. it was a uniquely southern experience and an educational afternoon!



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