Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 -- week 30 of #projectlife -- snapchat

snapchat was initially designed as a sexting app with the sole purpose of sending nude photos to one another without the fear of them ending up in the wrong hands. it was a disaster from the start. children started using it, their friends taking screen shots of the nudies, and the illusion of sending a disappearing picture soon vanished. personally, i use it to send ridiculous photos of myself expressing my current need to pee or my desire to kill someone annoying. others send photos of themselves drinking wine after a long day, a delicious meal to make their friends jealous, or a photo of a stranger doing something funny or stupid. snapchat is great; it's allowed me to keep in touch with friends who live thousands of miles away. sure, i can check their facebook page (how impersonal), or send an email/letter (but who has the time to make that meaningful?), or even give them a call (skype dates are great, but difficult to schedule), so this is a quick and easy way to say hi and get a tiny glimpse into their/your life. it's a way to share memories, little snapshots of our everyday existence with those we love. and it's more than facebook or instagram, because you view the message or photo and then it's gone; it doesn't continue to clutter up your life or your newsfeed. and it's kind of a great feeling to know someone thought of you as they went about their day.

i have not been paid for my opinions in this post, i just really dig snapchat and thought i'd share the love. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 -- week 29 of #projectlife -- my dream of being a country girl

as i get older, i find that i'm doing a lot of soul searching about what i want to do/be when i grow up. only a couple of years ago i would've said i want to be a teacher and live in (insert large city here). and i still say that now, because education truly is my passion, but there are so many more things i'd like to do too. like travel the world, live out of a van, work on a farm, or live in the country. i like the idea of living off of the land, getting my hands dirty, and learning how to farm. i want to own great work boots, an awesome straw hat, and learn how to care for farm animals. and while all of this may not be possible at the moment, maybe it will be down the road. in the meantime, getting out of the city, visiting the mountains, going camping, and soaking up sunshine will have to tide me over.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

september #fmsphotoaday -- busy busy, but awesome adventures.

september was super fun. during the week we went to work like usual, but the weekends were for playtime and adventure! we went apple picking for our september date and glass blowing for our june date. we went to a UA tailgate and a volleyball game. we went to a beautiful wedding and a relaxing true love party. and as if that weren't enough, i visited the arizona state museum, started a new kickball season, went on a 20+ mile bike ride, learned how to pickle vegetables, and began a sign language class. see? busy, but awesome.


in my cup: apples! // stripes // button // DIY: lunch


upside down // i need... more tribe pride in my life. // father: happy belated birthday! // broken 


orange // repetition // how i feel today: dirty. i wish there was hot water! // fall/spring... means halloween candy!


out of place: a chicago bar in arizona // healthy: chia, flax seeds, hemp seeds // remember... when september meant sweaters and not sunburns? // i don't like... putting away the dishes!


key // person...ality // even? not a chance. go wildcats! // beginning: of a 20 mile bike ride!


favorite word(s) // crisp // triangle: glass blowing // loud. our fall colors aren't as loud as other places, but we've still got them!


angle // best // celebration... of history and culture // game 


wish // where i'm from

Thursday, October 2, 2014

august #fmsphotoaday -- hyperlapse!

i don't really take a lot of videos. there are two reasons for that. one, people have tiny attention spans; i know i can barely make it all the way through a four minute music video without opening another tab and checking my email. and two, a fifteen second video can never show quite enough of anything to really be worth the time and effort it takes to film and edit a video. so when i found out that instagram was releasing hyperlapse, their new timelapse video app, i was pumped. now i could cater to tiny attention spans and show something meaningful.

i spent the first week the app came out playing with it, trying it out by filming my cats, who despite being filmed for minutes at a time and then sped up, moved hardly at all. (cats, what're you gonna do?) so my next attempt was to film the courtyard of the county courthouse where i was performing jury duty. again, i didn't quite get the effect i was looking for. but i finally hit the nail on the head with my "photo" for august 31st -- i took a 3+ minute video of a bag of hatch chiles being roasted and sped it up twelve times to 15 seconds. it was glorious -- i finally had a way to show something meaningful, with lots of moving parts, and without being bored halfway through! success!


landscape // lunch: picnic! // s is for... strong, sexy women // middle: of the tracks


pile... of recently found saving bonds // grateful for: my little family // spots: of gum // pet peeve: crumbs in the bed it up and wearing my misfit on my ankle // art (by carly quinn designs) // mirror // gather


inside // give... me knowledge! // clouds... and a rainbow // clean: our beautiful vacuum!


dinner // arrow // to-do // before bedtime


decorate: the best decoration in my house // words // style // fragrant: after a long bike ride, my bag is quite smelly, and they love it.


mail: we get a lot of magazines // breakfast: the judge bought us donuts! // dull: jury duty // travel


dessert: we ate our s'mores too fast for a picture! // nearby: white sands national monument 

10am: roasting chiles at the hatch chile festival

i have not been paid for my opinions in this post, i just really dig hyperlapse and thought i'd share the love.