Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 -- week 29 of #projectlife -- my dream of being a country girl

as i get older, i find that i'm doing a lot of soul searching about what i want to do/be when i grow up. only a couple of years ago i would've said i want to be a teacher and live in (insert large city here). and i still say that now, because education truly is my passion, but there are so many more things i'd like to do too. like travel the world, live out of a van, work on a farm, or live in the country. i like the idea of living off of the land, getting my hands dirty, and learning how to farm. i want to own great work boots, an awesome straw hat, and learn how to care for farm animals. and while all of this may not be possible at the moment, maybe it will be down the road. in the meantime, getting out of the city, visiting the mountains, going camping, and soaking up sunshine will have to tide me over.

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