Tuesday, October 7, 2014

september #fmsphotoaday -- busy busy, but awesome adventures.

september was super fun. during the week we went to work like usual, but the weekends were for playtime and adventure! we went apple picking for our september date and glass blowing for our june date. we went to a UA tailgate and a volleyball game. we went to a beautiful wedding and a relaxing true love party. and as if that weren't enough, i visited the arizona state museum, started a new kickball season, went on a 20+ mile bike ride, learned how to pickle vegetables, and began a sign language class. see? busy, but awesome.


in my cup: apples! // stripes // button // DIY: lunch


upside down // i need... more tribe pride in my life. // father: happy belated birthday! // broken 


orange // repetition // how i feel today: dirty. i wish there was hot water! // fall/spring... means halloween candy!


out of place: a chicago bar in arizona // healthy: chia, flax seeds, hemp seeds // remember... when september meant sweaters and not sunburns? // i don't like... putting away the dishes!


key // person...ality // even? not a chance. go wildcats! // beginning: of a 20 mile bike ride!


favorite word(s) // crisp // triangle: glass blowing // loud. our fall colors aren't as loud as other places, but we've still got them!


angle // best // celebration... of history and culture // game 


wish // where i'm from

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