Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 -- week 33 of #projectlife -- tres leches experiment

one of my all-time favorite dessert memories is sitting at a restaurant and asking the waiter if i could buy an entire nutmeg tres leches cake. he laughed at me, thinking i was joking, but i wasn't. that cake was so magnificent that i have dreams about it. but i have never been ballsy enough to make my own tres leches, until now.

i'm the type of person who uses a recipe as a general guideline rather than a rule book to follow, so i'm always surprised at how easy it is to bake from scratch. i know it's just chemistry, put in the correct amounts of each ingredient and don't over/under cook it and you're good to go, but it's always seemed easier to bake from a box. but in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone, i decided to give it a shot, baking this tres leches from scratch. luckily, it was a total success.

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