Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 -- week 36 of #projectlife -- tribe pride and a wedding!

it's official; we're all grown up.

my sophomore year of college i studied abroad in england. the first day i showed up on campus, i unexpectedly found out that there were two william and mary students, me and another guy, and we were living in the same flat. we introduced ourselves and immediately headed to the campus bar. (yeah, in england the universities have bars on campus as part of their university center. it's spectacular.) we spent a couple of hours getting drunk, telling each other our life stories, and becoming besties.

the next year found us living in the same dorm again. i introduced him to my friends and he introduced me to his. for a year, the older, cool kids let me tag along, and somewhere along the way they accepted me as one of their own. ever since, we've celebrated together and gotten drunk together; over the years we've gone to each others' weddings and shared in our good news. this past september, we did it again; we got together for one last wedding. we celebrated, we danced, we sang at the top of our lungs, and we exuded tribe pride. and even though we're adults now, and there are no real excuses to get together and party, we will. because that's what friends do.

read more about our apple picking date and our quick trip to brooklyn!

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