Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 -- week 42 of #projectlife -- noche blanco!

noche blanco, in its third year in tucson, is a night of food, new friends, and white clothing. it's a pop up dinner of epic proportions. hundreds of people participate and everything is brought in: tables, chairs, plates, cups, silverware, food, drinks, decorations, everything. the way it works: whoever organizes the whole event finds people to be table leaders, and those table leaders find the people who'll sit at their table. then each table organizes itself: participants determine the menu and who'll bring what (plates, cutlery, cups, etc.). the day of, table leaders are informed of the location, which they disseminate to their table mates, and everyone meets up, with their stuff, to eat, drink, and socialize for a couple of hours. once everyone's had their fill, everything is packed up and taken away, like the dinner never existed. it's an amazing example of teamwork and camaraderie and despite the fact that pop up dinners aren't unique to tucson, noche blanco is very tucson: it's quirky and friendly and everyone knows someone. if you're lucky enough to get invitation, be sure to make room on your calendar; the food and the company are totally worth it.

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