Saturday, December 13, 2014

august date: glass blowing

after seeing the chihuly exhibit in seattle last year, i've been totally fascinated with learning how to blow glass. chihuly's art work is absolutely amazing, and i know i can't possibly compete, but i'd still like to learn how he does what he does. the sonoran glass school offers numerous classes ranging from make your own (what we did) to semester long courses through the local universities. the make your own class is short and relatively inexpensive, but you are more of an assistant than the one creating your own unique piece of glass art; the longer classes allow participants more hands-on time. however, in less than an hour, both rcg and i had made gorgeous glasses, getting to twirl the molten glass, adding color and putting it into the fire, blowing a bubble into the glass, and helping to shape our tumbler (mine) and pint glass (rcg's). it was a really cool (albeit very hot) experience!




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