Tuesday, December 16, 2014

leaf peeping in upstate new york

living in baja arizona, we don't always get the benefit of seasons. we're supposed to have five seasons, the four normal ones plus a rainy season, but sometimes it seems like we only have three: spring, summer, and monsoon. of course, you can drive an hour or less and see the changing leaves and snow, but down in the valley it's sunshine and blue skies. that's not the case on the east coast. on the east coast, from september to november, it's red, orange, and yellow season. it's crisp weather, campfire season. it's apple cider and butternut squash season. it's hats, gloves, and scarves season. and, most importantly, it's leaf peeping season. that wonderful time of year when you drive slower with your nose to the car window, oohing and aahing over the colors and views. there are few places better suited for this behavior than upstate new york. thanks for obliging me hudson, ny.