Monday, December 22, 2014

mountain city, georgia

my first epic road trip was across the country, from vermont to arizona. it was pretty badass, but it was very scheduled -- we had to be in a certain town each night because we had a deadline, we had to be in arizona by a certain time. so we had no time to mosey and explore. don't get me wrong, we stopped all the time, to eat mostly, but also to check out the scenery and other cool things we spotted on the way. but for the most part, we had a plan and we stuck to it. as a result, i've always wanted to go the kind of trip that has no plan. you know where you're going to start and when you need end, but everything in the middle is up in the air. 

this freelance job isn't quite like that: we have sets we have to find or create and pictures we have to take but there's also a lot of freedom to see where the road takes us. we can follow the light, or the fog, and find the perfect shot, or we can drive straight on through. in this case, we followed the fog.

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