Wednesday, December 10, 2014

november #fmsphotoaday -- is it time for photo a day to end?

this month really stretched my brain. i spent three weeks on the road with very accomplished and knowledgable photographers and creative people and that time allowed me to grow and learn in ways i couldn’t have imagined. as a result, i’ve come to the realization that my time with photo a day may be coming to an end. don’t get me wrong, i still love the idea of taking photos every day, and i hope i continue to do so, but being constrained by someone else’s topics is getting increasingly difficult. after doing photo a day for three years, the prompts are starting to feel repetitive, so this month, more than any other, i’ve noticed that my pictures have had a less literal translation of the prompt. and i dig it. 


something blue // i saw this! // weather: blue skies with a chance of bald eagle // can't live without... dreams


8 o'clock // made me smile today // on the floor // a place... to eat


heck yes! // i do this everyday // a set // normal


letters // for me // hot + cold // after... a long week on the road, i'm home again


cooking // i love this // whole // bright


shoes, glass, and the side of the road. // a favorite thing: biking // i made this! jk. rcg did! // i need to do this: let people praise me


time... to leave // wall // i'm thankful for... everything // black... friday shopping in colonial williamsburg


so this happened // i bought this! and a nice man microwaved my thanksgiving food for me.

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