Tuesday, December 9, 2014

october #fmsphotoaday -- the alphabet

i had fun with photo a day in october. it was like making an alphabet book of my own life; each day was based around a different letter or number. so instead of having to actively search out or create a photo that fit into a theme or a prompt, i had a little more freedom. i was able to take numerous photographs each day and choose the one that had the most fitting caption for the day. 


a: apple juice  // b: bikes // c: cashier // d: daisies


e: extensive research // f: fire drill // g: gorilla // h: highway


i: insane for seal // j: just trying it on // k: kittenz // l: lost sock


m: marshmallow // n:nutcase // o // p: posters


q: quiet halls // r: red lobster // s: social gathering // t: travel


u: understand // v: very productive // w: winners! // x: exhausted


y: yard work // z: zeal // 1... student // 2... newsletters


3... cans of tuna // 4... leaves // 5... boroughs

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