Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1607, birth of a nation: the jamestown settlement




jamestown, the first permanent english colony in the americas, was settled on the james river and founded in 1607. you can visit the site of the first colony itself, now nothing more than ruins and a museum, or you can visit the jamestown settlement, a living history museum with a recreation of the life of the early colonists. at the settlement you can explore replicas of the ships the colonists came to virginia on, the colonists' fort, and a powhatan village. the exhibits recreate the lives of the colonists and the native americans, highlighting their food, clothes, houses, weapons, and daily work. the museum, located in the same building you buy your entrance tickets, is not to be missed; it goes into great depth and detail about the colony, england, the impact of colonization, the origin of slavery in virginia, pocahantas and the powhatan people, and many other fascinating topics.  

to visit: open 9am-5pm, daily; $16.75 for the jamestown settlement or $21 for both the jamestown settlement & the yorktown victory center; find out more information here.

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