Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 -- week 43 of #projectlife -- we are dinosaurs.

i wasn't sure we'd be able to top last year's halloween costumes, but when rcg suggested we reuse our green sweatpants as a dinosaur costume i was definitely up for the challenge. i searched online for patterns (thank you pinterest), and found some crazy cute stuff. but when i sent it over to rcg for approval it was a no go -- his dinosaur had to be realistic, no make believe. luckily, there were no shortage of options and we both got what we wanted: he was a triceratops and i was a stegosaurus. i had spikes down my back and along my tail, while he had three horns and spots on his tail. it was adorable and, surprisingly, not a lot of work. i borrowed a friend's sewing machine, which by some miracle i still remembered how to use, and was done in a couple of hours. all halloween costumes should be that easy! (although i may have found my costume for life; it's too cute to not reuse!)

read here to learn how to make the triceratops mask and dinosaur tails.

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