Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 -- week 44 of #projectlife -- give it your all.

at this point, we've spent over 24 hours traveling, and while sitting on busses and planes and airport terminals isn't necessarily my idea of fun, we did observe something that I think really speaks to rcg's "give it your all" theme for this week: sitting in the narita airport, we watched as a young man carefully and mindfully changed, rearranged, and cleaned up a floral bouquet. he painstakingly trimmed off brown flowers, refilled the water, and artfully placed new stalks, all while going back and forth to his cart, removing his shoes each time he came back to work on the floral bouquet. (the floral arrangement was on a platform, and he didn't want to get the stage dirty with his shoes.) we sat there for over 10 minutes watching him go about his work. we were so enraptured because you don't often see people being mindful or taking pride in their work, especially in seemingly menial jobs. more often, you see an exhausted person, getting the job done, half-assed and half-amazing. which is a shame -- it's tough work to always be on, be mindful, and give it your best, but it's so important that we be proud of the work we do. or, like rcg said, what's the point? that's why I felt so excited to take this new job, a freelance gig producing a photoshoot: it was a chance to try something new, to really get immersed in it, and to give it my all. I can't tell you how much I learned from this experience -- at times I felt like my brain would explode with all of the new things I was being exposed to -- and how totally exhausting this job was. but I can tell you, without a doubt, that I poured my heart into this job and every time I see a picture that was taken during one of the three trips we went on I'm filled with such pride that I was able to help create something so beautiful. 

ps. read more about hudson, ny, leaf peeping upstate, and spruce ridge farm.  

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