Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 -- week 46 of #projectlife -- taking time for yourself

over the 30 days of november I was scheduled to travel or be away from home for 23 of those days, for work and for pleasure. looking at the calendar beforehand was a little daunting, but i consoled myself with the thought that (1) it'll be worth it to check out this awesome job opportunity and (2) you can do anything for a month. I was right on both accounts. but that doesn't mean it wasn't also crazy exhausting. I missed my boo, my kittenz, my bed. and even though each night I ended up alone in a hotel room, I missed having some me time. some time to relax with bad tv, to waste time on the internet, to not think about anything, to exercise. (ok, I probably wouldn't have actually worked out, but I missed having the option.) so the first thing I did when I got home, besides take a 12 hour nap, was sit at my desk and do nothing. I took some time for myself, catching up on all of the little things that got away from me when i traveled: updating my calendar, cutting my nails, conditioning my hair, going through my mail. it was a time suck; I wasted hours at a time without a care in the world. and I didn't feel guilty about it at all. 

all of this is to say, take time for yourself. every once in a while, slow down, put your phone and computer away, and allow yourself a couple of hours to do nothing. to relax, wear your pjs, and eat ice cream. to go on a walk, get a coffee/beer/milkshake, and spend some time alone. it'll make a difference, I promise. 

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