Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 -- week 47 of #projectlife -- el tour de tucson!

i had this whole big list of things that i wanted to accomplish by the time i turned thirty. (it was supposed to be a thirty before thirty list, but it ended up being a little short; see the list to the right.) i had things on this list that were new adventures to try, self-improvement items, things to stretch my comfort zone, childhood dreams, and physical feats. sometimes they were difficult to achieve, and sometimes i didn't get to them at all, or was too nervous to try, much to my chagrin. but one thing i knew, without a doubt, that i would do everything in my power to complete was to compete in el tour de tucson.

the tour, as it's affectionately called in tucson, is a bike race that can be anywhere from 40 to 110 miles that skirts the perimeter of tucson. i choose the easiest option, 40 miles. pairing that with raising $1000 for special olympics. i did training rides, averaging in length from 12 to 20 miles each, and i bought the padded shorts. i felt good, ready. and then i went out of town for work, and all of that hard work went away. i was worried. i had raised all of this money ($1286!! thanks again to everyone who donated!) and didn't want to let my donors down. but i was committed. i even came back from in the middle of a work trip, for a mere 20 hours, just so i could ride. and instead of it being the huge disaster i imagined, it was quite the success! i bicycled my little heart out. i finished my 40 miles in a little under three hours, much faster than i thought i would. looking back now, it's possible that i could've ridden in one of the longer races, but i'm glad my first time was relatively easy; it didn't scare me off of the experience. in fact, just the opposite, it's got me excited about biking and looking for the next race to ride in!

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