Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 -- week 49 of #projectlife -- happy birthday to rcg!

rcg's like me, not a fan of celebrating his birthday, although for different reasons, i think. but i just can't help myself, i love to celebrate his birth! i'm just so darn happy that he was born that i feel like it should be celebrated, even if it's a tiny gesture and not a flamboyant extravagant party. (although, someone's 35th is coming up soon...)

normally we do something tame and delicious, like marie callendars for chicken pot pie or oreos at midnight. but, this year, when he asked if he could skip town to go rock climbing instead, i knew that would be the best gift i could give him. so that's what he did for his birthday: climbing red rocks in nevada! of course, i couldn't let the day go by unmentioned, so i did send a surprise along with his friends: a giant rice krispy treat. it was so large that eight grown men couldn't finish it. (we ate it for a week afterwards; it was heaven on earth.)

i think it was a pretty good birthday.

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