Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014 -- week 50 of #projectlife -- the best way to pack

i think we’ve finally perfected our packing regime. 

normally, we pack very last minute; packing late at night or early in the morning, never with time to spare. and, for the most part, we’re pretty good at it, fitting everything into small duffels. but this trip required more planning — we would be on the road for three weeks. every item we wanted to bring had to be carefully considered so our packs wouldn’t be too heavy. 

the day before we had to pack, we sat down for half an hour and made a giant list that included every tiny item we wanted to bring with us. we even included the obvious things like our passport and underwear; in my opinion, the only two things you actually need to travel. we broke our list into sections: medicine, toiletries, paperwork, travel essentials, snacks, clothes, shoes, & miscellaneous. it was a long list. a really long list. the next day, however, as we put everything on the bed, the list didn’t seem so long. that’s because our clothing, which should have been the largest pile, was tiny — we planned to bring just three shirts, two pairs of pants, a pair of shorts, and three pairs of underwear. we had just enough stuff that we'd always have something clean to put on each morning, so long as we washed our clothes each night. and if we had a huge disaster, we could always buy something — our packs were light enough that that wouldn’t be a problem. we thought we were brilliant. thank god we were right: our packs stayed light and we had clean clothes to wear. and best of all, we have a list to use in the future for any other trips we might go on. 

ps. if you’re interested in traveling light like this, we highly recommend these brands for washable underwear, shirts, pants, & shorts: ex officio, icebreaker, mountain hardwear, columbia, outdoor research, patagonia. there are a million brands you can choose from, these are just our favorites. 

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